Burr, Nebraska Delinquent Tax Sale Property

The collection of real estate taxes for properties located in Burr Nebraska is a major priority for the Otoe County Nebraska Tax Collector. Real estate taxes fund local services such as public education, police protection and medical services.

Delinquent property taxes create a serious cash-flow problem for Otoe County Nebraska. If Otoe County Nebraska is unable to collect property taxes, they are also unable to fund important government services like police protection, public schooling, and emergency medical services.

Without the tax revenue generated from real estate located in Burr Nebraska, Otoe County Nebraska would literally go bankrupt.

To solve this cash-flow problem, Otoe County Nebraska allows investors to come in and pay off a portion of these delinquent property taxes.

In return, Otoe County Nebraska gives investors Nebraska tax lien certificates. A tax lien certificate is a document indicating ownership of a real estate tax lien. A tax lien is simply a claim for taxes.

A Nebraska tax lien certificate transfers all the rights that come with being the owner of the real estate tax lien from Otoe County Nebraska to the investor.

When purchasers buy tax lien certificates in Nebraska, they are paying someone else's delinquent property taxes. What's more, Nebraska actually gives purchasers the right to receive all of the tax money due - including fees, interest, and/or penalties.

To encourage delinquent owners to pay their past-due property taxes, the state of Nebraska charges up to 14% per annum on the amount paid to satisfy the delinquent taxes, which is passed directly to the tax lien certificate purchaser.

The sale of tax lien certificates is a solution to a complex problem Otoe County Nebraska recovers lost revenue needed to fund local services, the property owner gets more time to satisfy their delinquent property tax bill and the purchaser receives a tax lien certificate which is real estate secured and offers up to 14% per annum mandated by Nebraska law.

For "risk-sensitive" investors Nebraska tax lien certificates are an attractive alternative to traditional investments choices. With tax lien certificates, purchasers are investing their money with Otoe County Nebraska and when the Otoe County Nebraska Tax Collector collects the past due taxes, they send purchasers a check, returning what they paid to purchase the Nebraska tax lien certificate plus applicable penalties, interest, and/or late fees.

Nebraska tax lien certificates are attractive in several ways. First, the rise and fall of interest rates has no effect on Nebraska tax lien certificates. Unlike the stock market, interest rates on Nebraska tax lien certificates are mandated by Nebraska law.

In addition, Nebraska tax lien certificates are secured by real estate. So if purchasers do not receive what they paid to purchase the Nebraska tax lien certificate plus interest and/or penalties within the law mandated redemption period, the purchaser acquires title to the property free and clear of all liens created prior to the sale.

So in review, there are generally two outcomes with the purchase of a tax lien certificate; the purchaser will either receive what was paid to satisfy the delinquent property taxes PLUS up to 14% per annum, or Otoe County Nebraska has the legal right to transfer them the property - often with no mortgage!

Once they own the property they can do whatever they like; sell it, rent it for monthly cash-flow, even move in (often with no mortgage payment).

As with any investment, there is always an element of risk. Even if the tax sale process is written into Nebraska law, mandated by Nebraska law, and regulated by Nebraska law, there is still a chance of purchasers incurring substantial loss. It is recommended that anyone considering buying a tax lien or tax foreclosure property consult properly licensed legal and accounting professionals.

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The following is a list of counties located in the state of Nebraska. Tax Lien Certificates for properties located in the following counties are sold at Nebraska county tax sales.

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County / Municipality:  Population: 
Adams County, NE  31,151
Antelope County, NE  7,452
Arthur County, NE  444
Banner County, NE  819
Blaine County, NE  583
Boone County, NE  6,259
Box Butte County, NE  12,158
Boyd County, NE  2,438
Brown County, NE  3,525
Buffalo County, NE  42,259
Burt County, NE  7,791
Butler County, NE  8,767
Cass County, NE  24,334
Cedar County, NE  9,615
Chase County, NE  4,068
Cherry County, NE  6,148
Cheyenne County, NE  9,830
Clay County, NE  7,039
Colfax County, NE  10,441
Cuming County, NE  10,203
Custer County, NE  11,793
Dakota County, NE  20,253
Dawes County, NE  9,060
Dawson County, NE  24,365
Deuel County, NE  2,098
Dixon County, NE  6,339
Dodge County, NE  36,160
Douglas County, NE  463,585
Dundy County, NE  2,292
Fillmore County, NE  6,634
Franklin County, NE  3,574
Frontier County, NE  3,099
Furnas County, NE  5,324
Gage County, NE  22,993
Garden County, NE  2,292
Garfield County, NE  1,902
Gosper County, NE  2,143
Grant County, NE  747
Greeley County, NE  2,714
Hall County, NE  53,534
Hamilton County, NE  9,403
Harlan County, NE  3,786
Hayes County, NE  1,068
Hitchcock County, NE  3,111
Holt County, NE  11,551
Hooker County, NE  783
Howard County, NE  6,567
Jefferson County, NE  8,333
Johnson County, NE  4,488
Kearney County, NE  6,882
Keith County, NE  8,875
Keya Paha County, NE  983
Kimball County, NE  4,089
Knox County, NE  9,374
Lancaster County, NE  250,291
Lincoln County, NE  34,632
Logan County, NE  774
Loup County, NE  712
Madison County, NE  35,226
Mcpherson County, NE  533
Merrick County, NE  8,204
Morrill County, NE  5,440
Nance County, NE  4,038
Nemaha County, NE  7,576
Nuckolls County, NE  5,057
Otoe County, NE  15,396
Pawnee County, NE  3,087
Perkins County, NE  3,200
Phelps County, NE  9,747
Pierce County, NE  7,857
Platte County, NE  31,662
Polk County, NE  5,639
Red Willow County, NE  11,448
Richardson County, NE  9,531
Rock County, NE  1,756
Saline County, NE  13,843
Sarpy County, NE  122,595
Saunders County, NE  19,830
Scotts Bluff County, NE  36,951
Seward County, NE  16,496
Sheridan County, NE  6,198
Sherman County, NE  3,318
Sioux County, NE  1,475
Stanton County, NE  6,455
Thayer County, NE  6,055
Thomas County, NE  729
Thurston County, NE  7,171
Valley County, NE  4,647
Washington County, NE  18,780
Wayne County, NE  9,851
Webster County, NE  4,061
Wheeler County, NE  886
York County, NE  14,598