Bexar County Texas Tax Sale

Currently Texas law does not permit the sale of tax lien certificates in Bexar County. Texas law authorizes the sale of tax deed properties at the Bexar County tax deed sale auction on the first Tuesday of each month.

Bexar County Texas relies on the revenue generated from real estate property taxes to fund daily services. Unpaid real estate taxes creates a serious cash-flow problem for Bexar County.

The sale of tax deed properties at the Bexar County tax deed sale auction generates the revenue Bexar County needs to continue to fund important government services like police protection, public schooling, and emergency medical services.

When you buy Bexar County tax deed properties you are helping the community. The money you pay to purchase these tax deed properties generates the much needed revenue Bexar County needs to pay for essential public services.

In Bexar County Texas real estate property tax bills are mailed during the months of October and November are due January 31 the following year and are delinquent after February 1st of the year following the year in which the tax was imposed.

Beginning July 1 the Bexar County Tax Office will commence collection on all tax delinquent real estate. The Bexar County tax deed sale is the means by which Bexar County recovers the funds they need to continue to fund local services.

Tax Sale List

Approximately 20 days prior to the date of the Bexar County tax deed sale the Bexar County tax collector will publish a notice of sale in a newspaper of general circulation.

The Bexar County tax collector is instructed by Texas law to post the notice in writing in three public places throughout the county and one of the notices must be posted at the door of the Bexar County courthouse.

The Bexar County tax sale list will include the following:

  • a statement of the authority under which the sale is to be made;
  • the date, time, and location of the sale;
  • Precinct Number
  • Cause Number
  • District Court
  • Account Number
  • Judgement Date
  • Order Issue Date
  • Case Style
  • Legal Description
  • Physical Address
  • Adjudged Value
  • Estimated Minimum Bid
  • Status
  • Sale Notes

You can obtain a copy of the Bexar County tax sale list from the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector. In addition, a digital copy of the tax sale list may also be available for immediate download on the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector's website.

Contact the Bexar County Texas Tax Assessor-Collector for instructions on obtaining the Bexar County Texas tax sale list.

Texas law requires that tax-delinquent properties be advertised three times prior to the auction in a newspaper published in the county where the property is located. In Bexar County, that publication is:

The Daily Commercial Recorder
P.O. Box 2171
San Antonio, Texas 78297
Phone: (210) 250-2327

Tax Sale Registration

Anyone wishing to bid must register preceeding the Bexar County tax deed sale. Contact the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector for registration instructions and requirements. Generally, there is no charge for registration.

Important: Bidder's Certificates are required to purchase property at the Bexar County tax deed sale. At least 24 hours prior to the sale, all certificates must be purchased.

To obtain a Bidder's Certificate, you may come in person or mail a $10.00 check/money order to the Bexar County Tax Office:

Bexar County Tax Office
Att: Special Inventory Department
233 N. Pecos la Trinidad
San Antonio, Texas 78207
Phone: (210) 335-2251

Make checks payable to: Bexar County Tax Assessor Collector. Please include your name, phone number, and address.

Important: In counties with a population of 250,000 or more and in less populated counties that have adopted the provisions of Chapter 34 Section 34.015

In such counties, purchasers at tax sales must present to the sheriff or constable conducting the sale a written statement issued to the purchaser by the county tax assessor-collector stating that the purchaser owes no delinquent property taxes to the county and that there are no known or reported delinquent taxes owed by the purchaser to any school district or city with territory in the county. State law further prohibits the sheriff or constable in such counties from delivering a tax deed to any purchaser who fails to present to the officer the required written statement issued by the county tax assessor-collector.

Contact the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector's Office to obtain a printable request form that you must complete, have notarized, and present to the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector, along with a payment of the statutory fee of $10.00.

Contact the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector's Office for instructions on obtaining a permanent bidder's registration card with bidder number prior to the Bexar County tax deed sale. You can also obtain temporary bidder cards valid only for the day of Bexar County tax deed sale auction the morning of the tax deed sale.

Upon successfully meeting the registration requirements the Bexar County Texas Tax Assessor-Collector's Office will assign a bidders number to identify each bidder when purchasing tax deed properties from Bexar County.

Tax Sale Time and Location

The Bexar County Texas tax sale is held the first Tuesday of each month at:

Bexar County Courthouse
100 Dolorosa
San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: (210) 335-2011

Registration of bidders begins at 8:30 a.m. Sales must be held from 10AM to 4PM. Each of the Constables conducts sales of properties in their precinct and the sales are most often held simultaneously.

Tax Sale Bidding Process

Generally, the minimum bid amount for tax delinquent properties offered for sale at the regular Bexar County tax deed sale include delinquent property taxes, penalties, interest, costs, and other claims for which the foreclosure warrant was issued.

Tax delinquent properties may not be sold for an amount that is less than the lesser of the market value of the property as specified in the warrant or the total amount of taxes, penalties, interest, costs, and other claims for which the warrant was issued.

Currently, the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector utilizes a Premium Bid Method to auction tax delinquent properties.

Premium Bid Method: In a public oral bid tax sale where Bexar County Texas is utilizing the Premium Bid Method the winning bidder at the Bexar County Texas tax sale is the bidder who pays the largest amount in excess of the total amount of taxes, penalties, interest, costs, and other claims for which the foreclosure warrant was issued. The excess amount shall be credited to the county general fund.

If a bid sufficient to pay the total amount of taxes, penalties, interest, costs, and other claims for which the warrant was issued is not received, the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector making the sale may offer the property to a person for less than the minimum bid amount. If the property is offered to a person then the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector making the sale shall reopen the bidding at the amount of that person's bid and bid off the property to the highest bidder.

If the minimum bid is not met then the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector shall bid off the property to Bexar County Texas.

Tax Sale Payment

In Bexar County, payment is due on or before the close of the Bexar County tax sale auction. Payment must be by cash or cashier's check. Failure on the part of the successful bidder to consummate the sale on or before the close of the tax sale auction shall result in the forfeiture of the deposit and all rights he or she may have with respect to that property.

Redemption Period

In 1993 the Texas Constitution was amended to create a 'split' redemption period for certain types of properties. As a result, Texas has a redemption policy that creates a 2-year redemption period for properties used as the residence homestead of the owner or that was land designated for agricultural use when the suit or the application for the warrant was filed. Properties that do not have a homestead or agricultural use exemption that existed at the time the tax suit was filed have a redemption period which lasts 6 months.

Penalty Rate

For tax-delinquent properties classified as nonhomestead or nonagricultural use when the suit or the application for the warrant was filed there is a penalty of 25% if redeemed anytime before the expiration of the 6 months from the date on which the purchaser's deed is filed for record.

For tax-delinquent properties classified as homestead or agricultural use when the suit or the application for the warrant was filed there is a penalty of 25% if redeemed on or before the first anniversary of the date on which the purchaser's deed is filed for record or 50 percent of the aggregate total if the property is redeemed during the second year of the redemption period.

Tax Deed

Texas law instructs the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector to prepare a tax deed to the purchaser at the tax deed sale auction, to any other person whom the purchaser may specify, or to Bexar County if the property was "struck-off." Once the tax deed has been issued, the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector will file the deed for recording with the Bexar County Clerk. Finally, as soon as practicable the Bexar County Clerk must file, record and return the deed to the purchaser.

According to Texas the deed vests good and perfect title in the purchaser or the purchaser's assigns to the interest owned by the defendant in the property subject to the foreclosure, including the defendant's right to the use and possession of the property, subject only to the defendant's right of redemption.

Unsold Tax Sale Properties

Tax delinquent property that was offered for sale at the Bexar County tax sale auction but was not sold is either withdrawn from the sale or "struck off" to Bexar County. Which means that Bexar County has taken possession and is the legal owner of the property. Bexar County may later offer for resale "struck-off" property at any time by public or private sale.

The sale of "struck-off" or tax resale properties may be handled one of the following ways:

Public Resales: are public tax sales where the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector auctions "struck-off" tax sale resale properties to the highest bidder.

Private Resales: are private sales where they consider written offers to purchase "struck-off" tax sale resale properties on a case by case basis as those offers are received.

Contact either the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector's Office or the law firm charged with representing Bexar County for instructions on obtaining a copy of the list of "struck-off" or tax resale properties.

Tax Sale Warnings and Pitfalls

While it is possible to obtain an attractive profit rate of 25% to 50% or real estate for a fraction of its market value with Bexar County tax sale properties it is important to keep in mind it is also possible to incur a substantial loss. Buyer beware, Bexar County auctions all types of properties at the Bexar County tax sale auction including residential, retail, agricultural, condemned, waste, vacant, industrial and the like.

As with all investments, there is always an element of risk. Even though the tax sale process is written into Texas law, and is regulated by Texas law, there is a chance of losing part or all of your investment. You must always try to get the best education and practice safe investing, no matter which investment vehicle you choose.

The City Planning and Zoning Department (for properties within a city boundary) where the property is located and the Bexar County Department of Planning and Community Development (for properties not within a city boundary) can help you determine what use you can make of a tax sale property before you purchase it.

Examine the Bexar County Recorder's records for any recorded easements on a property. The Bexar County Recorder can help you determine what liens (if any) may be associated with the property.

You can determine the general geographic location of tax sale properties by using the Bexar County Assessor plat maps which are available from the Bexar County Assessor's Office.

Property purchased at the Bexar County tax sale may be subject to liens for demolition, mowing, or maintenance fees due to the City or Property Owners Association where the property is located.

Bexar County Texas Tax Sale Discussion

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Cities located in Bexar County Texas

The following is a list of cities and towns located in Bexar County Texas.

Tax Deeds (Hybrid) for properties located in the following cities are sold at the Bexar County Texas tax sale.

Town/City:  Population: 
Adkins, TX  6,393
Alamo Heights, TX  40,635
Atascosa, TX  6,318
Balcones Heights, TX  47,209
Balcones Hts, TX  47,209
Boerne, TX  5,631
Brooks Afb, TX  773
Brooks Afb Branch, TX  773
Brooks Cb, TX  773
Brooks City Base, TX  773
Castle Hills, TX  39,568
China Grove, TX  4,076
Converse, TX  23,496
Elmendorf, TX  6,494
Fair Oaks, TX  5,631
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX  5,631
Fort Sam Houston, TX  5,470
Ft Sm Houston, TX  5,470
Grey Forest, TX  7,656
Helotes, TX  7,656
Hill Country Village, TX  33,726
Hl Cntry Vlg, TX  33,726
Hollywood Park, TX  33,726
Hollywood Pk, TX  33,726
Kelly Usa, TX  10,519
Kelly Usa Br, TX  46,621
Kirby, TX  14,162
Lackland, TX  1,251
Lackland A F B, TX  1,251
Lackland Afb, TX  1,251
Leon Valley, TX  21,664
Live Oak, TX  55,022
Olmos Park, TX  31,335
Randolph A F B, TX  19,002
Randolph Afb, TX  19,002
Randolph Air Force Base, TX  19,002
Saint Hedwig, TX  2,330
San Antonio, TX  1,308,296
Saspamco, TX  6,494
Security Services, TX  1,251
Security Svc, TX  1,251
Shavano Park, TX  79,532
Terrell Hills, TX  40,635
Universal City, TX  19,002
Universal Cty, TX  19,002
Von Ormy, TX  7,019
Wetmore, TX  39,689
Wilford Hall, TX  1,251
Wilford Hall Usaf Hosp, TX  1,251
Windcrest, TX  24,864

Counties located in Texas

The following is a list of counties located in the state of Texas.

Tax Deeds (Hybrid) for properties located in the following counties are sold at Texas county tax sales.

Learn more about each county's individual tax sale process by clicking on the name of the county for which you are interested from the list below:

County / Municipality:  Population: 
Anderson County, TX  55,109
Andrews County, TX  13,004
Angelina County, TX  80,130
Aransas County, TX  22,497
Archer County, TX  8,854
Armstrong County, TX  2,148
Atascosa County, TX  38,628
Austin County, TX  23,590
Bailey County, TX  6,594
Bandera County, TX  17,645
Bastrop County, TX  57,733
Baylor County, TX  4,093
Bee County, TX  32,359
Bell County, TX  237,974
Bexar County, TX  1,392,931
Blanco County, TX  8,418
Borden County, TX  729
Bosque County, TX  17,204
Bowie County, TX  89,306
Brazoria County, TX  241,767
Brazos County, TX  152,415
Brewster County, TX  8,866
Briscoe County, TX  1,790
Brooks County, TX  7,976
Brown County, TX  37,674
Burleson County, TX  16,470
Burnet County, TX  34,147
Caldwell County, TX  32,194
Calhoun County, TX  20,647
Callahan County, TX  12,905
Cameron County, TX  335,227
Camp County, TX  11,549
Carson County, TX  6,516
Cass County, TX  30,438
Castro County, TX  8,285
Chambers County, TX  26,031
Cherokee County, TX  46,659
Childress County, TX  7,688
Clay County, TX  11,006
Cochran County, TX  3,730
Coke County, TX  3,864
Coleman County, TX  9,235
Collin County, TX  491,675
Collingsworth County, TX  3,206
Colorado County, TX  20,390
Comal County, TX  78,021
Comanche County, TX  14,026
Concho County, TX  3,966
Cooke County, TX  36,363
Coryell County, TX  74,978
Cottle County, TX  1,904
Crane County, TX  3,996
Crockett County, TX  4,099
Crosby County, TX  7,072
Culberson County, TX  2,975
Dallam County, TX  6,222
Dallas County, TX  2,218,899
Dawson County, TX  14,985
Deaf Smith County, TX  18,561
Delta County, TX  5,327
Denton County, TX  432,976
Dewitt County, TX  20,013
Dickens County, TX  2,762
Dimmit County, TX  10,248
Donley County, TX  3,828
Duval County, TX  13,120
Eastland County, TX  18,297
Ector County, TX  121,123
Edwards County, TX  2,162
El Paso County, TX  679,622
Ellis County, TX  111,360
Erath County, TX  33,001
Falls County, TX  18,576
Fannin County, TX  31,242
Fayette County, TX  21,804
Fisher County, TX  4,344
Floyd County, TX  7,771
Foard County, TX  1,622
Fort Bend County, TX  354,452
Franklin County, TX  9,458
Freestone County, TX  17,867
Frio County, TX  16,252
Gaines County, TX  14,467
Galveston County, TX  250,158
Garza County, TX  4,872
Gillespie County, TX  20,814
Glasscock County, TX  1,406
Goliad County, TX  6,928
Gonzales County, TX  18,628
Gray County, TX  22,744
Grayson County, TX  110,595
Gregg County, TX  111,379
Grimes County, TX  23,552
Guadalupe County, TX  89,023
Hale County, TX  36,602
Hall County, TX  3,782
Hamilton County, TX  8,229
Hansford County, TX  5,369
Hardeman County, TX  4,724
Hardin County, TX  48,073
Harris County, TX  3,400,578
Harrison County, TX  62,110
Hartley County, TX  5,537
Haskell County, TX  6,093
Hays County, TX  97,589
Hemphill County, TX  3,351
Henderson County, TX  73,277
Hidalgo County, TX  569,463
Hill County, TX  32,321
Hockley County, TX  22,716
Hood County, TX  41,100
Hopkins County, TX  31,960
Houston County, TX  23,185
Howard County, TX  33,627
Hudspeth County, TX  3,344
Hunt County, TX  76,596
Hutchinson County, TX  23,857
Irion County, TX  1,771
Jack County, TX  8,763
Jackson County, TX  14,391
Jasper County, TX  35,604
Jeff Davis County, TX  2,207
Jefferson County, TX  252,051
Jim Hogg County, TX  5,281
Jim Wells County, TX  39,326
Johnson County, TX  126,811
Jones County, TX  20,785
Karnes County, TX  15,446
Kaufman County, TX  71,313
Kendall County, TX  23,743
Kenedy County, TX  414
Kent County, TX  859
Kerr County, TX  43,653
Kimble County, TX  4,468
King County, TX  356
Kinney County, TX  3,379
Kleberg County, TX  31,549
Knox County, TX  4,253
La Salle County, TX  5,866
Lamar County, TX  48,499
Lamb County, TX  14,709
Lampasas County, TX  17,762
Lavaca County, TX  19,210
Lee County, TX  15,657
Leon County, TX  15,335
Liberty County, TX  70,154
Limestone County, TX  22,051
Lipscomb County, TX  3,057
Live Oak County, TX  12,309
Llano County, TX  17,044
Loving County, TX  67
Lubbock County, TX  242,628
Lynn County, TX  6,550
Madison County, TX  12,940
Marion County, TX  10,941
Martin County, TX  4,746
Mason County, TX  3,738
Matagorda County, TX  37,957
Maverick County, TX  47,297
Mcculloch County, TX  8,205
Mclennan County, TX  213,517
Mcmullen County, TX  851
Medina County, TX  39,304
Menard County, TX  2,360
Midland County, TX  116,009
Milam County, TX  24,238
Mills County, TX  5,151
Mitchell County, TX  9,698
Montague County, TX  19,117
Montgomery County, TX  293,768
Moore County, TX  20,121
Morris County, TX  13,048
Motley County, TX  1,426
Nacogdoches County, TX  59,203
Navarro County, TX  45,124
Newton County, TX  15,072
Nolan County, TX  15,802
Nueces County, TX  313,645
Ochiltree County, TX  9,006
Oldham County, TX  2,185
Orange County, TX  84,966
Palo Pinto County, TX  27,026
Panola County, TX  22,756
Parker County, TX  88,495
Parmer County, TX  10,016
Pecos County, TX  16,809
Polk County, TX  41,133
Potter County, TX  113,546
Presidio County, TX  7,304
Rains County, TX  9,139
Randall County, TX  104,312
Reagan County, TX  3,326
Real County, TX  3,047
Red River County, TX  14,314
Reeves County, TX  13,137
Refugio County, TX  7,828
Roberts County, TX  887
Robertson County, TX  16,000
Rockwall County, TX  43,080
Runnels County, TX  11,495
Rusk County, TX  47,372
Sabine County, TX  10,469
San Augustine County, TX  8,946
San Jacinto County, TX  22,246
San Patricio County, TX  67,138
San Saba County, TX  6,186
Schleicher County, TX  2,935
Scurry County, TX  16,361
Shackelford County, TX  3,302
Shelby County, TX  25,224
Sherman County, TX  3,186
Smith County, TX  174,706
Somervell County, TX  6,809
Starr County, TX  53,597
Stephens County, TX  9,674
Sterling County, TX  1,393
Stonewall County, TX  1,693
Sutton County, TX  4,077
Swisher County, TX  8,378
Tarrant County, TX  1,446,219
Taylor County, TX  126,555
Terrell County, TX  1,081
Terry County, TX  12,761
Throckmorton County, TX  1,850
Titus County, TX  28,118
Tom Green County, TX  104,010
Travis County, TX  812,280
Trinity County, TX  13,779
Tyler County, TX  20,871
Upshur County, TX  35,291
Upton County, TX  3,404
Uvalde County, TX  25,926
Val Verde County, TX  44,856
Van Zandt County, TX  48,140
Victoria County, TX  84,088
Walker County, TX  61,758
Waller County, TX  32,663
Ward County, TX  10,909
Washington County, TX  30,373
Webb County, TX  193,117
Wharton County, TX  41,188
Wheeler County, TX  5,284
Wichita County, TX  131,664
Wilbarger County, TX  14,676
Willacy County, TX  20,082
Williamson County, TX  249,967
Wilson County, TX  32,408
Winkler County, TX  7,173
Wise County, TX  48,793
Wood County, TX  36,752
Yoakum County, TX  7,322
Young County, TX  17,943
Zapata County, TX  12,182
Zavala County, TX  11,600


Bexar County, TX

233 N. Pecos La Trinidad
San Antonio TX 78207-3175
(210) 335-2251

County Website:View County Website
Auction Website:View Auction Website
Tax Sale Date:Not Available
Tax Sale List:Get Tax Sale List
OTC Sale List:Get OTC Tax Sale List
Parcel Search:View Property Records
Public Records:View County Records
Tax Sale Type:Tax Deeds (Hybrid)
Redemption:Six (6) Months For Nonhomestead, Nonagricultural Property
Interest Rate:Not Applicable
Penalty Rate:25%
Bid Procedure:Premium Bid
Sale Contact:County Tax Collector
State Statutes:View State Statutes
County Map:View County Map

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