King County Washington Tax Sale

In Washington, the County Tax Collector will sell Tax Deeds to winning bidders at the King County Tax Deeds sale. Generally, the minimum bid at an King County Tax Deeds sale is the amount of back taxes owed plus interest, as well as any and all costs associated with selling the property.

According to state law, the sale of Washington Tax Deeds are final and the winning bidder is conveyed either a Tax Deed or a Sheriff's Deed. The purchaser of a tax deed may transfer title through a quitclaim deed but would need a quiet title action to sell the property with a Warranty Deed (given that a Tax Deed, Sheriff's Deed, or quitclaim deed are insufficient to acquire title insurance).

Properties not sold at the King County Tax Deeds sale are transferred to King County.

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Cities / Towns located in King County Washington

The following is a list of cities and towns located in King County Washington. Tax Deeds for properties located in the following cities are sold at the King County Washington tax sale.

Town/City:  Population: 
Adelaide, WA  50,138
Algona, WA  25,495
Ames Lake, WA  50,138
Auburn, WA  176,650
Avondale, WA  50,138
Ballard, WA  18,314
Baring, WA  193
Beacon Hill, WA  25,067
Beaux Arts, WA  22,903
Beaux Arts Village, WA  22,903
Bellevue, WA  121,497
Bitter Lake, WA  61,950
Black Diamond, WA  4,435
Bothell, WA  44,589
Broadway, WA  19,407
Bryn Mawr, WA  21,956
Burien, WA  85,701
Capitol Hill, WA  19,407
Carnation, WA  6,936
Cascade, WA  37,695
Cedar Falls, WA  13,777
Clyde Hill, WA  22,903
Coal Creek, WA  22,271
Columbia, WA  40,409
Cottage Lake, WA  35,549
Covington, WA  38,249
Crown Hill, WA  29,868
Crystal Mountain, WA  21,830
Cumberland, WA  21,830
Denny Creek, WA  13,777
Des Moines, WA  43,340
Dockton, WA  10,123
Duvall, WA  8,162
Duwamish, WA  22,269
Earlmount, WA  50,138
East Union, WA  28,985
Eastgate, WA  57,954
Enumclaw, WA  21,830
Fairwood, WA  37,695
Fall City, WA  4,981
Federal Way, WA  115,609
Forest Park, WA  33,958
Fort Lawton, WA  19,287
Four Corners, WA  22,453
Greenwater, WA  21,830
Greenwood, WA  42,011
Grotto, WA  452
Hazelwood, WA  24,363
Highlands, WA  24,363
Hobart, WA  17
Houghton, WA  30,185
Hunts Point, WA  22,903
Inglewood, WA  26,395
Interbay, WA  19,493
International, WA  13,159
Issaquah, WA  85,908
Juanita, WA  70,312
Kanaskat, WA  2,875
Kenmore, WA  18,194
Kennydale, WA  24,363
Kent, WA  131,186
Kingsgate, WA  40,127
Kirkland, WA  70,312
Krain, WA  21,830
Lake Alice, WA  4,981
Lake City, WA  34,926
Lake Forest Park, WA  33,958
Lake Joy, WA  6,936
Lake Sawyer, WA  38,249
Lk Forest Park, WA  33,958
Lk Forest Pk, WA  33,958
Madison Park, WA  20,418
Magnolia, WA  19,287
Maple Valley, WA  22,453
Mcmicken Heights, WA  22,269
Medina, WA  3,037
Mercer Island, WA  22,036
Midway, WA  28,756
Morganville, WA  4,435
Newcastle, WA  52,544
Newport Hills, WA  35,140
Normandy Park, WA  63,503
North Bend, WA  13,777
North City, WA  33,958
Northgate, WA  34,926
Osceola, WA  21,830
Pacific, WA  5,164
Palmer, WA  2,875
Pine Lake, WA  22,271
Pioneer Square, WA  13,159
Queen Anne, WA  16,090
Queensgate, WA  26,395
Ravensdale, WA  2,875
Redmond, WA  81,188
Redondo Beach, WA  33,807
Renton, WA  117,058
Richmond Beach, WA  18,829
Richmond Highlands, WA  43,121
Riverton, WA  22,269
Scenic, WA  452
Seatac, WA  96,021
Seattle, WA  786,364
Seattle Naval Support Activi, WA  43,263
Shoreline, WA  95,908
Shorewood, WA  25,593
Skykomish, WA  452
Skyway, WA  21,956
Snoqualmie, WA  3,710
Spring Glen, WA  4,981
The Highlands, WA  18,829
Times Square, WA  8,753
Totem Lake, WA  70,312
Tukwila, WA  96,013
University, WA  39,168
Vashon, WA  10,123
Vashon Island, WA  10,123
Wabash, WA  21,830
Wallingford, WA  42,011
Wedgwood, WA  43,263
West Seattle, WA  20,815
Westwood, WA  13,969
Westwood Village, WA  19,435
White Center, WA  48,699
Wilderness Village, WA  22,453
Woodinville, WA  35,549
Woodmont Beach, WA  28,756
Yarrow Point, WA  22,903

Counties / Municipalites located in Washington

The following is a list of counties located in the state of Washington. Tax Deeds for properties located in the following counties are sold at Washington county tax sales.

Learn more about each county's individual tax sale process by clicking on the name of the county for which you are interested from the list below: