Kitsap County Washington Tax Sale

In Washington, the County Tax Collector will sell Tax Deeds to winning bidders at the Kitsap County Tax Deeds sale. Generally, the minimum bid at an Kitsap County Tax Deeds sale is the amount of back taxes owed plus interest, as well as any and all costs associated with selling the property.

According to state law, the sale of Washington Tax Deeds are final and the winning bidder is conveyed either a Tax Deed or a Sheriff's Deed. The purchaser of a tax deed may transfer title through a quitclaim deed but would need a quiet title action to sell the property with a Warranty Deed (given that a Tax Deed, Sheriff's Deed, or quitclaim deed are insufficient to acquire title insurance).

Properties not sold at the Kitsap County Tax Deeds sale are transferred to Kitsap County.

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Cities / Towns located in Kitsap County Washington

The following is a list of cities and towns located in Kitsap County Washington. Tax Deeds for properties located in the following cities are sold at the Kitsap County Washington tax sale.

Town/City:  Population: 
Annapolis, WA  31,643
Bainbridge Is, WA  20,308
Bainbridge Island, WA  20,308
Bangor, WA  7,253
Bangor Submarine Base, WA  7,253
Breidablick, WA  25,302
Brem, WA  31,833
Bremerton, WA  82,652
Brownsville, WA  18,691
Camp Union, WA  31,833
Central Valley, WA  25,302
Chico, WA  31,833
Colby, WA  31,643
Colchester, WA  31,643
Crosby, WA  18,691
East Bremerton, WA  18,691
East Port Orchard, WA  31,643
Eglon, WA  8,389
Enetai, WA  31,833
Erlands Point, WA  31,833
Fernwood, WA  31,643
Forest City, WA  31,643
Fragaria, WA  3,825
Gilberton, WA  18,691
Gorst, WA  8,524
Hansville, WA  1,908
Harper, WA  31,643
Holly, WA  31,833
Horseshoe Lake, WA  31,643
Indianola, WA  723
Island Lake, WA  25,302
Keyport, WA  444
Kingston, WA  8,389
Kitsap Lake, WA  31,833
Lake Holiday, WA  31,643
Lemolo, WA  25,302
Little Boston, WA  39
Lofall, WA  25,302
Long Lake, WA  31,643
Manchester, WA  100
Maple Beach, WA  3,328
Marine Drive, WA  31,833
Meadowdale, WA  18,691
Miami Beach, WA  3,328
Navy Yard City, WA  31,833
Olalla, WA  3,825
Olalla Valley, WA  3,825
Olympic View, WA  19,153
Orchard Heights, WA  31,643
Overlook, WA  31,643
Parkwood, WA  31,643
Pearson, WA  25,302
Port Gamble, WA  39
Port Orchard, WA  56,244
Poulsbo, WA  25,302
Pt Orchard, WA  31,643
Rocky Point, WA  31,833
S Park Vil, WA  31,643
S Park Vlg, WA  31,643
Sandy Hook Park, WA  25,302
Scandia, WA  25,302
Seabeck, WA  3,328
Seattle, WA  20,308
Sheridan Park, WA  42,295
Silverdale, WA  26,406
South Park Village, WA  31,643
Sunnyslope, WA  31,643
Suquamish, WA  2,387
View Park, WA  31,643
Virginia, WA  25,302
Waterman, WA  31,643
Wautauga Beach, WA  31,643
West Hills, WA  31,833
West Park, WA  31,833
Wildcat Lake, WA  31,833
Wye Lake, WA  31,643

Counties / Municipalites located in Washington

The following is a list of counties located in the state of Washington. Tax Deeds for properties located in the following counties are sold at Washington county tax sales.

Learn more about each county's individual tax sale process by clicking on the name of the county for which you are interested from the list below: