Los Angeles County California Tax Sale

Currently Los Angeles County California does not sell tax lien certificates. Los Angeles County sells tax deed properties at the Los Angeles County tax sale auction which is held annually during the month of October each year.

Los Angeles County relies on the revenue generated from real estate property taxes to fund daily services. Unpaid real estate taxes creates a serious cash-flow problem for Los Angeles County.

The sale of tax deed properties at the Los Angeles County tax sale auction generates the revenue Los Angeles County needs to continue to fund important government services like police protection, public schooling, and emergency medical services.

When you buy Los Angeles County tax deed properties you are helping the community. The money you pay to purchase these tax deed properties generates the much needed revenue Los Angeles County needs to pay for essential public services.

The first half of real estate property taxes are due on November 1 and are delinquent after December 10th of each year. The second half of real estate property taxes are due on February 1 of the following year and are delinquent after April 10th of that year.

On or before June 8th, the Los Angeles County tax collector will post a notice of impending default for failure to pay property taxes on real estate for which taxes have not been paid in full by the close of business on June 30th.

At 12:01 a.m. on July 1st, the taxes, assessments, penalties,and costs on real property which have not been paid shall by operation of law be declared in default.

On or before September 8th, the Los Angeles County tax collector will publish in a newspaper of general circulation an affidavit stating that real estate on which the taxes, assessments, penalties, and costs have not been fully paid are in default.

After the property has become tax defaulted, five years or more, or three years or more in the case of nonresidential commercial property, the Los Angeles County tax collector shall have the power to sell and shall attempt to sell all or any portion of tax-defaulted property that has not been redeemed.

Tax Sale List

Approximately 21 days prior to the date of the Los Angeles County tax sale the Los Angeles County tax collector will publish the notice of intended sale once a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation published in the city of Los Angeles and in a newspaper of general circulation published in the judicial district of Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles County tax sale list will include the following:

  • The date, time, and place of the intended tax sale, including the web address if the tax sale is a public Internet auction.
  • The locations of computer workstations that are available to the public and instructions on accessing the public auction and submitting bids if the intended sale is conducted via the Internet or other electronic media.
  • A description of the property to be sold.
  • The name of the last assessee of the property.
  • The minimum acceptable bid of the property to be sold.
  • A statement that if the property is not redeemed before the close of business on the last business day prior to the date of the sale, the right of redemption will cease.
  • A statement that if the property is sold, parties of interest, as defined in Section 4675, have the right to file a claim with the county for any proceeds from the sale which are in excess of the liens and costs required to be paid from the proceeds.
  • A statement that if excess proceeds result from the sale, notice will be given to parties of interest, pursuant to law.
  • A statement that if the parcel remains unsold after the tax sale, the date, time, and location of any subsequent sale.
  • If applicable, that a deposit is required as a condition to submit bids on the property.
  • If applicable, a statement that, for any property purchased by a credit transaction, the right of redemption will revive if full payment is not received by the tax collector prior to the close of business on the date, as specified by the tax collector under Section 3693.1, that full payment is due.

You can obtain a copy of the Los Angeles County tax sale list from the Los Angeles County tax collector. In addition, a digital copy of the tax sale list may also be available for immediate download on the Los Angeles County tax collector's website.

Tax Sale Registration

Anyone wishing to bid must register before the Los Angeles County California tax sale. Contact the Los Angeles County California Tax Collector for registration instructions and requirements. Generally, there is no charge for registration.

While there is no charge to register prospective bidders may be required to post a deposit preceding the Los Angeles County tax sale.

Registration requirements specify that bidders must supply the Los Angeles County California Tax Collector's office with a completed Bidder's Card, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (IRS Form W-9 or W-8BEN).

Upon successfully meeting the registration requirements the Los Angeles County Tax Collector's office will assign each bidder a number to identify each bidder when purchasing tax deed properties from Los Angeles County.

Currently, the Los Angeles County Tax Collector's office require's each bidder to place a deposit of $5,000. In addition, the Los Angeles County Tax Collector's office advises bidders to arrange for their deposits early to make sure they are eligible to bid.

Tax Sale Time and Location

The Los Angeles County California tax sale in an online tax sale auction and is held annually during the month of October. Contact the Los Angeles County Tax Collector's Office to verify the time and location of the Los Angeles County tax sale.

In accordance with California law the Los Angeles County Tax Collector will commence the public auction of properties for which the taxes, interest, and fees have not been paid and continue's from day to day until each property is sold to satisfy the taxes, interest, costs, and charges.

Tax Sale Bidding Process

In accordance with California law the Los Angeles County Tax Collector must sell tax delinquent properties to the highest bidder at the public tax sale auction.

Currently, the Los Angeles County Tax Collector utilizes a Premium Bid Method to auction tax delinquent properties.

Premium Bid Method: In a public oral bid tax sale where Los Angeles County California is utilizing the Premium Bid Method the winning bidder at the Los Angeles County California tax sale is the bidder who pays the largest amount in excess of the delinquent taxes, delinquent interest, and fees. The excess amount shall be credited to the county general fund.

Tax Sale Payment

Payment is due on or before the close of the tax sale auction. The deposit shall be applied toward the purchase price of the property. Failure on the part of the successful bidder to consummate the sale on or before the close of the tax sale auction shall result in the forfeiture of the deposit and all rights he or she may have with respect to that property. Upon forfeiture the right of redemption shall revive.

Unsold properties that receive no bids and remaining unsold may be re-offered within a 90-day period.

Tax Deed

On receiving the full purchase price, the Los Angeles County Tax Collector shall, without charge, execute a deed to the purchaser.

Upon execution the Los Angeles County Tax Collector shall immediately record the deed with the county recorder and pay the recording fees. Recording of the deed shall constitute delivery thereof to the grantee named in the deed.

The deed conveys title to the purchaser free of all encumbrances of any kind existing before the sale, except for any special assessments, easements (which always run with any property upon conveyance), and possibly an IRS lien. In most cases, none of these items is present, so the property may be acquired for as little as the back taxes (bidding permit).

According to California law the former owner or any lien holder has one year from the date of receiving notice of the tax sale or the date when the tax deed was recorded, whichever is later, to challenge the validity of the tax sale. It may not be possible to obtain a guaranty of clear title from a title company in addition title companies may not issue their policy of title insurance on property that was purchased through a tax sale, unless a quiet title action has been successfully pursued in the courts, or quit claim deeds are acquired from the former owner and every lien holder.

Tax Sale Warnings and Pitfalls

While it is possible to obtain real estate for a fraction of its market value with Los Angeles County tax sale properties it is important to keep in mind it is also possible to incur a substantial loss. Buyer beware, Los Angeles County auctions all types of properties at the Los Angeles County tax sale auction including residential, retail, agricultural, condemned, waste, vacant, industrial and the like.

As with all investments, there is always an element of risk. Even though the tax sale process is written into California law, and is regulated by California law, there is a chance of losing part or all of your investment. You must always try to get the best education and practice safe investing, no matter which investment vehicle you choose.

The City Planning and Zoning Department (for properties within a city boundary) where the property is located and the Los Angeles County Department of Planning and Community Development (for properties not within a city boundary) can help you determine what use you can make of a tax sale property before you purchase it.

Examine the Los Angeles County Recorder's records for any recorded easements on a property. The Los Angeles County Recorder can help you determine what liens (if any) may be associated with the property.

You can determine the general geographic location of tax sale properties by using the Los Angeles County Assessor plat maps which are available from the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office.

Los Angeles County California Tax Sale Discussion

Below you will find a collection of the latest user questions and comments relating to the sale of tax lien certificates and tax deed properties in Los Angeles County California.

Cities / Towns located in Los Angeles County California

The following is a list of cities and towns located in Los Angeles County California. Tax Deeds for properties located in the following cities are sold at the Los Angeles County California tax sale.

Town/City:  Population: 
Acton, CA  8,077
Agoura, CA  25,104
Agoura Hills, CA  25,104
Agua Dulce, CA  39,781
Alhambra, CA  85,121
Altadena, CA  36,310
Arcadia, CA  61,066
Arleta, CA  97,450
Artesia, CA  67,890
August F. Haw, CA  193,161
Avalon, CA  3,696
Azusa, CA  57,505
Baldwin Hills, CA  39,034
Baldwin Park, CA  76,941
Barrington, CA  44,033
Bassett, CA  31,102
Bell, CA  133,360
Bell Canyon, CA  23,426
Bell Gardens, CA  105,277
Bellflower, CA  72,829
Belmont Shore, CA  31,174
Beverly Hills, CA  41,218
Bicentennial, CA  21,380
Bixby Knolls, CA  31,819
Bouquet Canyon, CA  39,781
Box Canyon, CA  49,768
Boyle Heights, CA  49,582
Bradbury, CA  27,364
Bradley International, CA  39,314
Brentwood, CA  33,560
Briggs, CA  21,380
Broadway Manchester, CA  59,003
Burbank, CA  103,215
Cabrillo, CA  35,627
Calabasas, CA  48,749
Calabasas Hills, CA  25,104
Calabasas Hls, CA  25,104
Canoga Park, CA  140,227
Canyon Cntry, CA  59,530
Canyon Country, CA  59,530
Carson, CA  116,443
Castaic, CA  22,098
Catalina, CA  3,696
Century City, CA  2,573
Cerritos, CA  67,890
Charter Oak, CA  24,663
Chatsworth, CA  34,985
Cimarron, CA  46,890
City Industry, CA  355,446
City Of Industry, CA  355,446
City Ranch, CA  33,821
Claremont, CA  34,374
Commerce, CA  125,915
Compton, CA  128,771
Cornell, CA  25,104
Covina, CA  76,235
Crenshaw, CA  39,034
Crystal City, CA  47,576
Crystalaire, CA  1,180
Cty Of Cmmrce, CA  9,737
Cudahy, CA  105,277
Culver City, CA  47,029
Culver Cty, CA  55,556
Del Sur, CA  84,394
Del Valle Finance, CA  15,367
Diamond Bar, CA  46,647
Dockweiler, CA  91,579
Dominguez, CA  35,627
Downey, CA  107,455
Dowtown Carrier Annex, CA  15,367
Duarte, CA  27,364
E Rncho Dmngz, CA  51,396
Eagle Rock, CA  27,875
East Long Beach, CA  43,264
East Los Angeles, CA  68,596
East Rancho Dominguez, CA  51,396
Echo Park, CA  73,410
Edendale, CA  73,410
El Monte, CA  138,513
El Segundo, CA  15,970
El Sereno Car, CA  46,837
Elizabeth Lake, CA  2,761
Elizabeth Lk, CA  2,761
Encino, CA  109,077
Est Ls Angls, CA  68,596
Fairmont, CA  84,394
Farmer Market, CA  33,226
Federal, CA  39,836
Firestone Park, CA  54,587
Firestone Pk, CA  54,587
Flint, CA  44,102
Flintridge, CA  20,317
Fort Macarthur, CA  58,591
Foy, CA  20,699
Friendly Valley, CA  30,337
Ft Macarthur, CA  58,591
Gardena, CA  83,601
Glassell, CA  47,309
Glassell Park, CA  47,309
Glendale, CA  206,050
Glendora, CA  50,395
Granada Hills, CA  48,391
Green, CA  56,776
Green Valley, CA  39,781
Greenmead, CA  37,956
Griffith, CA  29,279
Hacienda Heights, CA  53,623
Hacienda Hts, CA  53,623
Hancock, CA  86,075
Hansen Hills, CA  97,450
Harbor City, CA  24,991
Hawaiian Gardens, CA  14,872
Hawaiian Gdns, CA  14,872
Hawthorne, CA  93,628
Hazard, CA  55,797
Hermosa Beach, CA  18,557
Hi Vista, CA  92,943
Hidden Hills, CA  23,645
Highland Park, CA  64,828
Holly Park, CA  93,628
Hollyglen, CA  93,628
Hollywood, CA  133,467
Huntington Park, CA  77,926
Huntington Pk, CA  77,926
Inglewood, CA  138,289
Irwindale, CA  161,810
Juniper Hills, CA  12,713
Kagel Canyon, CA  81,388
La Canada, CA  20,317
La Canada Flintridge, CA  20,317
La Canada Flt, CA  20,317
La Crescenta, CA  29,174
La Mirada, CA  47,507
La Puente, CA  215,838
La Tijera, CA  44,875
La Tuna Canyon, CA  46,296
La Verne, CA  35,011
Lake Balboa, CA  50,167
Lake Elizabeth, CA  2,761
Lake Hughes, CA  2,761
Lake La, CA  132,073
Lake Los Angeles, CA  132,073
Lake View Ter, CA  81,388
Lake View Terrace, CA  81,388
Lakeview Terrace, CA  97,450
Lakewood, CA  185,189
Lamirada, CA  47,507
Lancaster, CA  176,143
Lane, CA  35,015
Lawndale, CA  33,366
Leimert Park, CA  30,996
Lennox, CA  28,385
Leona Valley, CA  36,582
Lincoln Heights, CA  38,716
Lincoln Hts, CA  38,716
Littlerock, CA  11,171
Llano, CA  1,180
Lomita, CA  21,057
Long Beach, CA  561,091
Long Beach Shared Firm, CA  400
Los Angeles, CA  2,574,420
Los Feliz, CA  48,887
Los Nietos, CA  32,426
Lugo, CA  47,582
Lynwood, CA  69,918
Malibu, CA  19,816
Manhattan Bch, CA  33,924
Manhattan Beach, CA  33,924
Mar Vista, CA  55,556
Marina Del Rey, CA  48,876
Marina Dl Rey, CA  17,751
Market, CA  2,780
Maywood, CA  28,083
Metler Valley, CA  49,379
Mint Canyon, CA  39,781
Miracle Mile, CA  33,226
Mirada, CA  47,507
Mission Hills, CA  17,354
Monrovia, CA  41,029
Monte Nido, CA  23,645
Montebello, CA  62,304
Monterey Park, CA  60,113
Montrose, CA  7,343
Mt Baldy, CA  36
N Hollywood, CA  210,388
Naples, CA  31,174
Neenach, CA  49,379
Newhall, CA  40,537
North Hills, CA  57,055
North Hollywood, CA  210,388
North Long Beach, CA  91,456
Northridge, CA  143,329
Norwalk, CA  103,183
Oak Park, CA  25,104
Oakwood, CA  67,859
Pacific Palisades, CA  22,636
Pacific Plsds, CA  22,636
Pacoima, CA  97,450
Palmdale, CA  133,340
Palms, CA  58,055
Palos Verdes Estates, CA  66,323
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA  66,323
Panorama City, CA  66,240
Paramount, CA  55,317
Pasadena, CA  162,551
Pearblossom, CA  1,926
Phillips Ranch, CA  69,757
Phillips Rnch, CA  69,757
Pico Heights, CA  62,535
Pico Rivera, CA  94,981
Playa Del Rey, CA  42,366
Playa Vista, CA  39,314
Pls Vrds Est, CA  66,323
Pls Vrds Pnsl, CA  66,323
Pomona, CA  199,344
Porter Ranch, CA  28,078
Preuss, CA  27,754
Quartz Hill, CA  83,200
Rancho Dominguez, CA  47,576
Rancho La Tuna Canyon, CA  46,296
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA  41,431
Rancho Park, CA  24,227
Rch Palos Vrd, CA  41,431
Redondo Beach, CA  71,496
Reseda, CA  68,133
Rimpau, CA  67,917
Rllng Hls Est, CA  66,323
Rncho Domingz, CA  47,576
Rolling Hills, CA  24,892
Rolling Hills Estates, CA  66,323
Roosevelt Corner, CA  57,928
Rosemead, CA  61,780
Rosewood, CA  29,799
Rowland Heights, CA  46,140
Rowland Hghts, CA  46,140
Rowland Hgts, CA  46,140
S El Monte, CA  45,795
S Pasadena, CA  23,893
San Dimas, CA  34,674
San Fernando, CA  99,623
San Gabriel, CA  61,353
San Marino, CA  13,347
San Pedro, CA  79,779
Sandberg, CA  2,761
Sanford, CA  87,284
Santa Catalina, CA  3,696
Santa Clarita, CA  204,922
Santa Fe Spgs, CA  16,355
Santa Fe Springs, CA  54,704
Santa Monica, CA  86,156
Saratoga Hills, CA  25,104
Saratoga Hls, CA  25,104
Saugus, CA  39,781
Sepulveda, CA  57,055
Shadow Hills, CA  64,920
Sherman Oaks, CA  115,437
Sherman Village, CA  28,067
Sherman Vlg, CA  28,067
Sierra Madre, CA  10,536
Signal Hill, CA  75,083
Silver Lake, CA  73,410
Sleepy Valley, CA  39,781
South, CA  24,788
South El Monte, CA  45,795
South Gate, CA  96,296
South Pasadena, CA  23,893
Starlight Hills, CA  18,305
Stevenson Ranch, CA  10,200
Stevenson Rnh, CA  10,200
Studio City, CA  71,143
Sun Valley, CA  46,296
Sun Village, CA  11,171
Sunland, CA  18,624
Sylmar, CA  81,388
Tarzana, CA  95,368
Temple City, CA  32,441
Terminal Island, CA  58,591
Textile Finance, CA  15,367
Three Points, CA  2,761
Toluca Lake, CA  16,752
Toluca Ter, CA  36,498
Toluca Terrace, CA  36,498
Topanga, CA  5,418
Torrance, CA  165,972
Tujunga, CA  26,689
Val Verde, CA  22,098
Valencia, CA  53,176
Valley Glen, CA  136,734
Valley Village, CA  64,565
Valley Vlg, CA  64,565
Valyermo, CA  384
Van Nuys, CA  369,057
Venice, CA  60,117
Vermont, CA  41,643
Vernon, CA  3,495
View Park, CA  44,875
Village, CA  44,088
W Hollywood, CA  124,383
W Los Angeles, CA  41,195
W Toluca Lake, CA  16,752
Wagner, CA  47,992
Walnut, CA  44,901
Walnut Park, CA  77,926
Watts, CA  44,342
West Adams, CA  47,019
West Covina, CA  106,064
West Hills, CA  73,194
West Hollywood, CA  124,383
West Los Angeles, CA  41,195
West Toluca Lake, CA  16,752
Westchester, CA  39,314
Westvern, CA  29,236
Whittier, CA  186,009
Wilcox, CA  32,729
Wilmington, CA  53,271
Wilshire-la Brea, CA  33,226
Wilsona Gardens, CA  92,943
Windsor Hills, CA  52,913
Winnetka, CA  43,774
Wla, CA  41,195
Woodland Hills, CA  109,043
Woodland Hls, CA  109,043

Counties / Municipalites located in California

The following is a list of counties located in the state of California. Tax Deeds for properties located in the following counties are sold at California county tax sales.

Learn more about each county's individual tax sale process by clicking on the name of the county for which you are interested from the list below:

County/Municipality:  Population: 
Alameda County, CA  1,443,741
Alpine County, CA  1,208
Amador County, CA  35,100
Butte County, CA  203,171
Calaveras County, CA  40,554
Colusa County, CA  18,804
Contra Costa County, CA  948,816
Del Norte County, CA  27,507
El Dorado County, CA  156,299
Fresno County, CA  799,407
Glenn County, CA  26,453
Humboldt County, CA  126,518
Imperial County, CA  142,361
Inyo County, CA  17,945
Kern County, CA  661,645
Kings County, CA  129,461
Lake County, CA  58,309
Lassen County, CA  33,828
Los Angeles County, CA  9,519,338
Madera County, CA  123,109
Marin County, CA  247,289
Mariposa County, CA  17,130
Mendocino County, CA  86,265
Merced County, CA  210,554
Modoc County, CA  9,449
Mono County, CA  12,853
Monterey County, CA  401,762
Napa County, CA  124,279
Nevada County, CA  92,033
Orange County, CA  2,846,289
Placer County, CA  248,399
Plumas County, CA  20,824
Riverside County, CA  1,545,387
Sacramento County, CA  1,223,499
San Benito County, CA  53,234
San Bernardino County, CA  1,709,434
San Diego County, CA  2,813,833
San Francisco County, CA  776,733
San Joaquin County, CA  563,598
San Luis Obispo County, CA  246,681
San Mateo County, CA  707,161
Santa Barbara County, CA  399,347
Santa Clara County, CA  1,682,585
Santa Cruz County, CA  255,602
Shasta County, CA  163,256
Sierra County, CA  3,555
Siskiyou County, CA  44,301
Solano County, CA  394,542
Sonoma County, CA  458,614
Stanislaus County, CA  446,997
Sutter County, CA  78,930
Tehama County, CA  56,039
Trinity County, CA  13,022
Tulare County, CA  368,021
Tuolumne County, CA  54,501
Ventura County, CA  753,197
Yolo County, CA  168,660
Yuba County, CA  60,219

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