New Iberia Louisiana Tax Deeds (Hybrid)

The collection of real estate taxes for properties located in Iberia Parish is a major priority for the Iberia Parish Louisiana tax collector. Real estate property taxes help fund local services such as public education, police protection and medical services.

Delinquent property taxes create a serious cash-flow problem for Iberia Parish Louisiana. If they are unable to collect property taxes, they are also unable to fund important government services like police protection, public schooling, and emergency medical services.

In an effort to recover lost tax revenue, tax delinquent property located in New Iberia Louisiana is sold at the Iberia Parish tax sale. The property is sold to the successful bidder (state laws differ), though often it is sold for the amount of unpaid taxes.

Successful purchasers at the Iberia Parish Louisiana tax deed sale receive a Louisiana Louisiana tax deed. Full rights to property sold at a Iberia Parish Louisiana tax sale generally do not pass immediately to the purchaser. Rather, the purchaser acquires an interest in the property subject to redemption by the former owner.

The right of redemption is a statute specified period of time during which the original owner may redeem or take back the real estate by paying to the purchaser the purchase price plus interest within the time period allowed by statute. If the former owner does not redeem within the prescribed period, the purchaser acquires title to the property free and clear of all liens created prior to the sale. In some states the deed is issued to the purchaser automatically upon the expiration of the redemption period; in other states a tax sale purchaser must apply for the deed and then bring a foreclosure action to cut off the right of redemption or an action to quiet title. Most states do not require that the taxing authority or the purchaser reimburse the former owner for any surplus equity in the property when the property is transferred to the purchaser.

Generally, there are two outcomes with the sale of Louisiana tax deed (hybrid); the purchaser will either receive what they paid to satisfy the delinquent property taxes plus interest and or penalties or receive a tax deed (title obtained through tax foreclosure process) which conveys all right, title and interest of county in the property, including all delinquent taxes which have become a lien since issuance of Louisiana tax deed (hybrid).

As with any investment, there is always an element of risk. Even if the tax sale process is written into Louisiana law, mandated by Louisiana law, and regulated by Louisiana law, there is still a chance of purchasers incurring substantial loss. It is recommended that anyone considering buying a tax lien or tax foreclosure property consult properly licensed legal and accounting professionals.

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The following is a list of counties located in the state of Louisiana. Tax Deeds (Hybrid) for properties located in the following counties are sold at Louisiana county tax sales.

Learn more about each county's individual tax sale process by clicking on the name of the county for which you are interested from the list below:

County / Municipality:  Population: 
Acadia Parish, LA  58,861
Allen Parish, LA  25,440
Ascension Parish, LA  76,627
Assumption Parish, LA  23,388
Avoyelles Parish, LA  41,481
Beauregard Parish, LA  32,986
Bienville Parish, LA  15,752
Bossier Parish, LA  98,310
Caddo Parish, LA  252,161
Calcasieu Parish, LA  183,577
Caldwell Parish, LA  10,560
Cameron Parish, LA  9,991
Catahoula Parish, LA  10,920
Claiborne Parish, LA  16,851
Concordia Parish, LA  20,247
Desoto Parish, LA  25,494
East Baton Rouge Parish, LA  412,852
East Carroll Parish, LA  9,421
East Feliciana Parish, LA  21,360
Evangeline Parish, LA  35,434
Franklin Parish, LA  21,263
Grant Parish, LA  18,698
Iberia Parish, LA  73,266
Iberville Parish, LA  33,320
Jackson Parish, LA  15,397
Jefferson Davis Parish, LA  31,435
Jefferson Parish, LA  455,466
Lafayette County, LA  190,503
Lafourche Parish, LA  89,974
Lasalle Parish, LA  14,282
Lincoln Parish, LA  42,509
Livingston Parish, LA  91,814
Madison Parish, LA  13,728
Morehouse Parish, LA  31,021
Natchitoches Parish, LA  39,080
Orleans Parish, LA  484,674
Ouachita Parish, LA  147,250
Plaquemines Parish, LA  26,757
Pointe Coupee Parish, LA  22,763
Rapides Parish, LA  126,337
Red River Parish, LA  9,622
Richland Parish, LA  20,981
Sabine Parish, LA  23,459
St. Bernard Parish, LA  67,229
St. Charles Parish, LA  48,072
St. Helena Parish, LA  10,525
St. James Parish, LA  21,216
St. John The Baptist County, LA  43,044
St. Landry Parish, LA  87,700
St. Martin Parish, LA  48,583
St. Mary Parish, LA  53,500
St. Tammany Parish, LA  191,268
Tangipahoa Parish, LA  100,588
Tensas Parish, LA  6,618
Terrebonne Parish, LA  104,503
Union Parish, LA  22,803
Vermilion Parish, LA  53,807
Vernon Parish, LA  52,531
Washington Parish, LA  43,926
Webster Parish, LA  41,831
West Baton Rouge Parish, LA  21,601
West Carroll Parish, LA  12,314
West Feliciana Parish, LA  15,111
Winn Parish, LA  16,894

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