Windsor County Vermont Delinquent Tax Sale

In Vermont, the County Tax Collector will sell Tax Lien Certificates to winning bidders at the Windsor County Tax Lien Certificates sale. According to state law Vermont Tax Lien Certificates can earn as much as 12% per annum None on the amount winning bidders pay to purchase Vermont Tax Lien Certificates. In addition, Vermont Tax Lien Certificates are secured by real estate. According to Vermont law a property owner has One (1) year to pay Windsor County the amount the winning bidder paid to purchase the Tax Lien Certificates plus 12% per annum None or risk forfeiting the property to the person who purchased the Tax Lien Certificates at the Windsor County Tax Lien Certificates sale.

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Cities / Towns located in Windsor County Vermont

The following is a list of cities and towns located in Windsor County Vermont. Tax Lien Certificates for properties located in the following cities are sold at the Windsor County Vermont tax sale.

Town/City:  Population: 
Andover, VT  4,658
Athens, VT  4,658
Baltimore, VT  4,658
Barnard, VT  93
Bartonsville, VT  4,658
Bethel, VT  2,665
Brdgewtr Cors, VT  741
Brgwtr, VT  291
Brgwtr Cors, VT  741
Bridgewater, VT  291
Bridgewater Center, VT  741
Bridgewater Corn, VT  741
Bridgewater Corners, VT  741
Bridgewtr Cor, VT  741
Bridgewtr Ct, VT  741
Brockways Mills, VT  4,658
Brownsville, VT  401
Cavendish, VT  783
Chester, VT  4,658
East Barnard, VT  2,993
East Bethel, VT  2,665
Felchville, VT  731
Fieldsville, VT  5,543
Gaysville, VT  76
Grahamville, VT  2,647
Greenbush, VT  1,266
Hammondsville, VT  731
Hartland, VT  1,916
Jenneville, VT  5,543
Lake Rescue, VT  2,647
Lillieville, VT  2,665
Ludlow, VT  2,647
Lyman, VT  9,173
Maple Dell, VT  9,081
Middletown, VT  4,658
N Hartland, VT  212
N Springfield, VT  722
N Springfld, VT  722
North Hartland, VT  212
North Pomfret, VT  224
North Springfield, VT  722
North Windham, VT  4,658
Norwich, VT  3,477
Olympus, VT  2,665
Orchard Lane, VT  9,081
Peaseville, VT  4,658
Pedden Acres, VT  9,081
Perkinsville, VT  1,266
Plymouth, VT  338
Plymouth Kingdom, VT  338
Plymouth Union, VT  338
Proctorsville, VT  808
Quechee, VT  688
Reading, VT  731
Reading Center, VT  731
Reedville, VT  4,658
Rochester, VT  1,171
Royalton, VT  2,993
Russtown, VT  9,173
S Royalton, VT  2,993
S Woodstock, VT  436
Sharon, VT  1,193
Sheddsville, VT  5,543
Simonsville, VT  4,658
Smithville, VT  2,647
South Pomfret, VT  211
South Reading, VT  808
South Royalton, VT  2,993
South Woodstock, VT  436
Springfield, VT  9,081
Stockbridge, VT  525
Taftsville, VT  268
Tyson, VT  2,647
W Bridgewater, VT  1,032
W Woodstock, VT  3,359
Weathersfield, VT  10,347
Weathersfield Center, VT  1,266
West Bridgewater, VT  1,032
West Hartford, VT  89
West Windsor, VT  5,543
West Woodstock, VT  3,359
Weston, VT  609
Weston Priory, VT  609
White Riv Jct, VT  9,173
White River Junction, VT  9,173
Wilder, VT  763
Windsor, VT  5,543
Wood Stock, VT  3,359
Woodstock, VT  3,359

Counties / Municipalites located in Vermont

The following is a list of counties located in the state of Vermont. Tax Lien Certificates for properties located in the following counties are sold at Vermont county tax sales.

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